Resources to help your English learners learn remotely

Hello Educators and EL Enthusiasts!

It’s moving to see the whole country working together to offer online resources for supporting our students as they learn remotely.  And, we know these many lists may become overwhelming. In order to help you focus on supporting our English Learners, we will be posting a targeted, annotated list of just a few free resources every week.  We hope this makes your planning easier.

Grade Levels:  All grade levels
Description:  BrainPopELL does a placement test for language development and gives specific ELD lessons based on the placement. Topics vary from fairy tales to endangered species.  Each lesson focuses on a specific type of reading, writing and grammar. Teachers can track individual students work.

Grade Levels:  2nd – 12th
Description: Newsela is a huge library of the leveled reading materials. One of the best features are Newsela’s Text Sets, which offer thematically curated texts as well as lesson plans and activities that can give students a more holistic picture of a topic. Teachers can assign articles to individuals as well as small groups, using the quizzes to track progress and make further suggestions.


Grade Levels: 5th-12th (adaptable for primary grades) 14 free mathematical tasks
Description: The Learning and Teaching Division of EDC has committed to understanding how to support mathematics teaching and learning for English Learners. One resource is a set of 14 mathematics tasks from their Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit ( All free 14 tasks are accompanied with language support tools to make learning more accessible for English learners (use the left side navigation window pane)

Grade Levels:  6th-12th
Description: This district created a 10 day ELD lesson plan for middle school and high school EL students.  It is a complete unit titled the World of Love.  The work includes reading, writing and listening and uses videos and poetry.

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