Transition to Dual Language


In an increasingly multilingual United States, the approach to education is at a pivotal crossroads. 

Traditional English-only instruction is being reevaluated as research and policy increasingly support the integration of dual language programs. 

At Ensemble Learning, we specialize in guiding schools and districts through this transformative journey, making the transition from English-only to dual language instruction.

Dual language education offers instruction in both English and a target language, providing academic content across all areas in two languages. 

This model not only supports academic achievement in two languages but also enhances cognitive skills and cultural awareness. 

With languages ranging from Spanish and Mandarin to Korean and Arabic, dual language programs reflect and respect the rich linguistic diversity of our student populations.

Driven by compelling research that shows superior outcomes for students in dual language programs, there is a growing movement within the U.S. education system to embrace these models. 

Policies, such as those in Texas, now mandate the provision of dual language programs in schools with significant populations of emergent bilinguals. 

This shift represents a commitment to leveraging linguistic diversity as a strength rather than a challenge to overcome.

Our “Transition to Dual Language” service is designed to support schools and districts ready to make this transformative shift. 

Here’s how we help:

  • Policy and Program Design: We assist in creating comprehensive handbooks, policies, and school board policies that outline the structure and goals of your dual language program.
  • Curriculum and Instructional Strategies: Our team works with you to design curricular frameworks that integrate content instruction across both languages, ensuring that students achieve linguistic and academic proficiency.
  • Staffing Solutions: Recognizing the critical role of qualified educators, we guide you in hiring and training bilingual teachers equipped to deliver high-quality dual language instruction.
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement: We help foster a supportive community around your dual language program, involving parents, students, and community stakeholders in the transition process.


Together, we grow strong schools.