Professional Development


We recognize that the strength of a school or district lies in its leadership. That’s why our service focuses on creating a robust professional learning community that brings together principals and district office staff. 

By facilitating leadership summits and strategic meetings, we provide a platform for leaders to:

We also foster professional development through our “Learning Cycles.” 

These learning cycles include:

  • Professional learning that provides research, examples, and opportunities to practice and plan key instructional and cultural strategies.
  • One-on-one check-ins with each educator that provide actionable follow-up support to ensure educators implement the key practices from professional learning.
  • Progress monitoring support, such as classroom walkthroughs or school leadership check-ins to support change management from a leadership lens and plan the coherent next steps for educator support.

In addition, schools can also request demonstration lessons, intensive teacher co-planning, personalized in-person teacher coaching, or facilitated peer observations to deepen teacher practice and support throughout these learning cycles. 

A learning cycle usually lasts 2 to 3 months, with schools engaging in anywhere from two to five learning cycles throughout the year, given the level of intensity desired.

Our Professional Development service can include:

  • Leadership Summits: Multi-day events providing intensive learning and networking opportunities, focusing on key leadership and educational innovation areas.
  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Targeted workshops where leaders come together to map out strategic initiatives, addressing both current challenges and future opportunities.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous engagement through follow-up sessions and digital platforms, ensuring leaders have the support they need to implement their learning and lead effectively.

Empower your leaders to drive educational excellence. 

Our Professional Development service is more than just training.

It’s an investment in your school’s future and your students’ success. 

Contact Ensemble Learning today to learn how we can support your leadership team in achieving their full potential.

Together, we grow strong schools.