You can make education equitable for multilingual learners

We help you build prepared teachers, strong leadership, and a positive school culture so that all your students can thrive academically.

Here’s how we make a tangible difference for multilingual learners through implementation:

Professional Development

Empower your leaders to drive educational excellence.

Our Professional Development service is more than just training. It’s an investment in your school’s future and your student’s success.

Instructional Coaching

Behind every successful student is a team of teachers who inspire, challenge, and support their learning journey.

Empower your teachers with the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to excel in the classroom.

Leadership Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to meet your needs, offer a personalized pathway to leadership development.

Build the capacities of school leaders, creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment for all students.

Transition to Dual Language

Traditional English-only instruction is being reevaluated as research and policy increasingly support the integration of dual language programs.

We specialize in guiding schools and districts through this transformative journey.

There are more than 5.1 million students identified as English learners

Education inequity is a complex problem. Cookie-cutter solutions do not address these challenges comprehensively.

This leads to the challenges most school districts and principals have when they first come to Ensemble Learning:

Improve strategies for educating multilingual learners

Ensemble Learning helps American public schools select and implement field-tested and research-backed pedagogical practices, leading to a meaningful transformation in how we educate all children. 

Status Quo (Chronic Inequity)

The Ensemble Way (Promotes Equity)

We work with central office leadership to develop a systemic strategy to meet your individual organization and academic challenges and make change a meaningful process for your staff.

Once we understand your individual needs — really get to know you and your multilingual learners — we will customize a proposal to address your needs.

All of our engagements start with Strategic Planning & Data Analysis.

The cornerstone of our service is our Strategic Planning & Data Analysis process, which focuses on long-term success while addressing immediate needs through actionable steps. 

The results of the strategic planning and data analysis process will determine the type of implementation and support you and your multilingual learners will receive from us.

After working with Ensemble Learning

To ensure we create meaningful change within schools and districts, we center our work on “Learning Cycles.”

What we promise

All our solutions are built to address common barriers to effective English Language instruction.

Our one-to-one coaching builds the capacity of leadership to support system-wide improvements for all students, especially multilingual learners. If you and your team commit to our process, we promise that you will:

Your teachers will significantly boost their confidence in supporting English Learners

Your teachers and leaders will better understand and meet your students’ needs

Your teachers and leaders will gain the skills to enhance teaching methods

Ask for a free, 30-minute assessment session

Tell us about the issues your school is facing. Talk about the achievement gap, professional development, or academic challenges that are keeping you up at night.

You will get the same coaching and support that we give to the schools that work with us.

Partners and Funders

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Together, we grow strong schools.