Strategic Planning


A cornerstone of our service is our Strategic Planning & Data Analysis process, which focuses on long-term success while addressing immediate needs through actionable steps. 

Here are some of the steps and components of this service. 

We begin by asking schools to share all available data, from benchmark assessments to detailed state testing results. 

We conduct an extensive analysis to identify trends and gaps, focusing on the performance of multilingual learners compared to their peers.

In addition to our quantitative analysis, we perform two qualitative analyses to understand a school or district’s needs: empathy interviews and classroom walkthroughs. These methods enable us to understand the stories, successes, and needs of multilingual learners and educators. Furthermore, classroom walkthroughs help us see student learning in action to identify gaps between research-based practices and instructional reality.

We triangulate the quantitative, empathy interviews and classroom walkthrough data to have a clear picture of your school so that we can effectively devise a strategic plan for your multilingual learners.

At least once per learning cycle, we will revisit the data from the onboarding and audit to measure progress.

This could be done through our coaching calls. It could also mean our team going up to the school for a few days to conduct a walk through the campuses and classroom with the leaders. This will give us a better understanding of what is working and where we need to improve. 

Recognizing the importance of compliance, we review and provide recommendations on necessary credentials, curriculum, instructional minutes, and financial compliance related to Title funds and serving multilingual learners. 

If a compliance audit demonstrates a need, we recommend leadership coaching so we can support school leaders Our leadership coaching extends to help schools build internal systems for monitoring and reporting student progress, ensuring they meet all compliance requirements.

A key to our strategy is setting specific, impactful goals. 

For example, if classroom observations reveal a lack of student engagement in academic conversations, we set a goal to increase student talk that produces academic language, both verbally and in writing.

The results of the strategic planning and data analysis process will determine the type of implementation and support you will receive from us.

Here’s how we make a tangible difference:

Why choose Ensemble Learning for the strategic planning of your multilingual learning programs?

Our strategic planning and data analysis service is more than just a consultancy. It’s a partnership for transformation. 

We work closely with your school or district to:

  • Identify and address specific challenges in classroom dynamics and instructional strategies.
  • Empower teachers with research-based tools and routines that engage students in meaningful academic conversations.
  • Establish a cycle of continuous improvement through professional learning, implementation support, and progress monitoring.


Contact us today to begin your journey toward educational excellence with strategic planning that makes a difference.

Together, we grow strong schools.