Services Overview

Ensemble Learning helps public schools select and implement field-tested and research-backed pedagogical practices, leading to a meaningful transformation in how we educate multilingual learners.

To ensure we create meaningful change within schools and districts, we center our work on “Learning Cycles.” 

These learning cycles include:

  • Professional learning that provides research, examples, and opportunities to practice and plan key instructional and cultural strategies.
  • One-on-one check-ins with each educator that provide actionable follow-up support to ensure educators implement the key practices from professional learning.
  • Progress monitoring support, such as classroom walkthroughs or school leadership check-ins to support change management from a leadership lens and plan the coherent next steps for educator support.

In addition, schools can also request demonstration lessons, intensive teacher co-planning, personalized in-person teacher coaching, or facilitated peer observations to deepen teacher practice and support throughout these learning cycles. 

A learning cycle usually lasts 2 to 3 months, with schools engaging in anywhere from two to five learning cycles throughout the year, given the level of intensity desired.

Differentiating Our Support

No two projects with Ensemble Learning are the same because no two schools or districts have the same students, educators, and needs. 

Here are some of the questions we typically ask to get to know your individual needs and customize a proposal to address these:

  • Do you have any other initiatives happening at your school or district?
  • What are you already doing in terms of your instructional program?
  • What kind of initiatives do you have in place, such as student and community programs?
  • What type of instructional support do you provide for your multilingual learners?
  • Do you have a specific curriculum you use, and are you locked into any particular instructional strategies?
  • What kind of skills and expertise does your staff have?

We work with schools, districts, and charter management organizations of all sizes. 

We can support an entire district in building a strategic plan for equity or provide tailored support to individual schools. 

Most of our engagements begin with a robust audit, including empathy interviews, quantitative data analysis, and instructional walkthroughs, so we can fully understand your existing practices and develop a strategy tailored to your needs. 

Based on that audit, we will build a proposal that directly addresses your priorities.

In a district-wide effort, we typically bring district and school leaders together, walk through campuses with the principals to look at district-wide instructional strategies, the support they provide their English learners, and then help them with leadership and strategy for the whole region.

We generally partner with central office leaders and school site principals to ensure engagement at all levels of leadership.  This ensures we support the district in building the necessary infrastructure and policies to support the instructional change we implement at campuses. Learning cycles can be conducted with all district staff or with selected school sites.

All of our engagements start with Strategic Planning & Data Analysis.

Pricing and Scope

Many variables will determine the scope and pricing of our engagement. 

Three of the main ones are:

  1. Number of learning cycles we go through together
  2. Size of organization and number of participants (district-wide, school-level, or even school-department level)
  3. Additional supports, such as leadership coaching, demonstration lessons, and co-planning support.

Together, we grow strong schools.