Our Services

Strategic Planning

Creating and implementing an impactful plan takes expertise in instruction, change management and equitable practices. We can help make an effective and realistic plan to improve the outcomes at your school or district.

Professional Development

Our professional development includes training on the most effective instructional strategies and tools to create a more equitable experience for multilingual learners. It can be customized to meet your needs and chosen curriculum.

Data Analysis

Our data analysis and support analyzes both qualitative information such as empathy interviews and walkthroughs and quantitative information. We create a summary of findings and recommendations for next steps.

Leadership Coaching

We can support your school and district leaders as they change the outcomes for multilingual learners. Our experienced and impactful leadership coaches provide virtual and in-person coaching for all levels of leadership from superintendent to teacher leaders.

Our Process

Once we understand your individual needs – really get to know you, we will customize a proposal to address your needs. We start with an initial review of your data – harvested by you or with our team to gather key data for your organization.
  • Data Review / Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Sustained Support and Principal Coaching
We will meet with your key stakeholders to identify your goals. We build a strategy together with you to help you take action and create with you a living, breathing document to serve as a roadmap that we use to solve the problems that we identified together.