Think-Pair-Share Planner

Elevate Classroom Engagement with a Think-Pair-Share Planner

The Think-Pair-Share Short Planning Doc is a tool designed to transform classroom interactions and deepen student understanding. 

This downloadable planner guides educators through the seamless implementation of the Think-Pair-Share strategy, a proven method to boost engagement, enhance critical thinking, and foster a supportive learning environment.

Benefits of Using the Think-Pair-Share Planner:

How to Use the Think-Pair-Share Planner:

  1. Content and Lesson Portion: Begin by identifying the specific part of your lesson and the content you want to address with Think-Pair-Share.
  2. Script Questions and Directions: Use our script questions to craft clear, student-facing directions for each phase: Think, Pair, and Share. This includes what question to ask, how students should individually respond, and how they’ll share their thoughts with a partner and the class.
  3. Structure Sharing: Determine the structure for pair sharing and class sharing, including who speaks first, timing, and the method for calling on students to share with the class.
  4. Implement in Your Classroom: Armed with a detailed plan, you’re ready to implement a dynamic Think-Pair-Share activity that engages students and enriches learning.


Download the Think-Pair-Share Short Planning Doc today and transform your classroom into a vibrant space of shared learning and discovery.