Ensemble Learning's Commitment to Equity and Justice

Ensemble’s mission has always been to unlock equity for vulnerable learners. We see the inequities facing the Black community and will not let them go unanswered. We STAND in solidarity with those fighting the injustices of systemic racism, including police brutality against the Black community, AND we make the following commitments:
  • We will continue to work on ourselves as individuals of change and as an organization of justice for children, families, and communities. We will leverage the necessary tools to fight the injustices faced by all people of color, and particularly Black people.
  • We recognize there is power in language and we commit to using more assertive language with our partners to help them uncover and address the racism within our current school system.
  • We will channel our frustration, anger, and pain into a political voice to drive the change needed in legislation and policy that is just.
  • Above all, we’ll lead with love and hope. We’ll care for each other and those we work with as we work to dismantle our current racist society.
  • We recognize true change does not come easy and overnight. As educators, we recognize the uncountable and often thankless contributions of Black Americans to the field of education. From Ruby Bridges to Dr. Monique Morris, Black people have born the weight of change in our field. We are dedicated to owning our part to end this injustice, inside and outside of the classroom. We will not look away.
Ensemble’s ongoing commitment to dismantle systemic racism in education includes: 
  • Including equity as a core value and centering our work toward this value. We hold conversation about race and equity as part of our team development.
  • Recruiting highly talented leaders of color. Over 50% of our team are people of color.
  • Seeking grant funding to that will allow us to specifically develop Leaders of Color.
  • Seeking grant funding to support schools where students are from historically underserved communities.
  • Partner with Black-led organizations, such as Onward, to forward the work of equity across professional fields
  • Recognizing that we have more to do and more to learn, going forward we will also:
  • Donate 50 hours of our time to schools of color to support them in their planning for greater equity
  • Set up a section of our webpage dedicated solely to amplifying voices of color
  • Commit to semi-monthly examinations of our own systems for systemic racism