Empowering Educators to Serve English Learners

Ensemble Learning provides professional development to complement the Vista Get Ready! English language development curriculum. Our team of experienced educators differentiate support to meet the unique needs of partner teachers and schools. 

Get Ready! Foundations

For educators new to Get Ready!, learn about the research behind it, the features of the program and practice implementation. 

Deep Dive Training

Advanced asynchronous or synchronous sessions about language acquisition and supporting emergent multilingual students are available to strengthen teacher expertise.  Topics can include using data, effectively planning, building student agency, accessing complex texts, comprehensible input.

Instructional Coaching

 Classroom embedded coaching allows teachers to practice their craft and receive feedback.  This service can be customized to be in-person, by video, virtually, or a combination of these three.

Unique Solutions

All packages are fully customizable in content and delivery type.  Reach out to Ensemble Learning at edarwish@ensemblelearning.org to build a package that works for your school or district.

Pricing: $160 per hour or $2000 for a full day of training.

Ensemble Learning's Team

Our team is made up of practitioners who know the power of effective language development. All of our trainers have been teachers and administrators of English learners.  Our focus is on making the most impact possible through effective support of all teachers.

The Ensemble Learning Team

Ensemble Learning's Impact

Ensemble Learning’s Impact can best be felt by the number of our customers who choose to continue working with us year after year.  Participants are overwhelmingly happy with the level of support and care that Ensemble Learning provides.

In our most recent project, Learning While Leading, 100% of participants responded that the program content was useful and that the presenters were knowledgeable, engaging, and clear.

“The Ensemble team was flexible with their curriculum to customize training and development specifically to our school and our students.  They helped us dig deep into our data, examine our student population and assess our actual needs around the development of our multilingual population.  Our teachers now have foundational skills and a springboard from which they can take off towards meeting the needs of English language learners”

 Santa Fe Teacher

What to Expect from a Vista Learning Get Ready! Training


Ensemble Learning provides team of educators who have deep experience with the assets and needs of English learners, particularly those new to the country or just beginning their journey acquiring a second language.


We provide differentiated training that considers the needs and strengths of the educators, schools and students being served.  Our professional development is based on the latest research on adult learning. 


We are available during summer trainings or during the school year.  Currently, we have openings during both. 


All of our trainings can be done on-site at your school or virtually.  We recommend that any virtual trainings be broken down into 1.5 hour segments to avoid screen fatigue and loss of engagement. 

The Ensemble Learning Commitment

Our commitment to our partners is to work as an ensemble to best serve students.  We work closely with you to identify strengths and needs at your school. 

We set high outcomes for our work.  Our goals are:

  • All participants will end each unit with a high level of unit completion for each Vista unit or 90% or higher on the unit test.
  • Students will show an increase in their language proficiency as measured by the WIDA assessment
  • Participants will have high fidelity to the implementation of the curriculum as measured by walkthrough forms used by peers, administrators, or the Ensemble team
  • Participants will have high satisfaction with the Ensemble Learning trainings.  Specifically 90% or higher of the participants will agree or strongly agree with the statement, “I feel ready to implement the curriculum with fidelity”.