Belief Statement

Strong schools create joyful places of learning that inspire children and adults

When you walk in a strong school, you feel the caring and respect between adults and students. There is a shared purpose in the community, a commitment to being an inclusive community and excitement to reach this vision.

Strong schools foster authentic relationships with the communities they serve

Schools are part of the communities that they serve. Strong schools build partnerships with parents and communities members as they build promising futures for their youngsters. These schools not only acknowledge the challenges of racism, but actively work to disassemble them.

Strong schools engage students in challenging and relevant instruction

Learning is an engaging activity that is relevant to students. Teachers use data to support students in rigorous material regardless of the students’ starting point. The focus of instruction is on lifelong skills and habits of mind needed in college and career.

Strong schools hold high expectations for all members of the community and provide the supports needed

Once a student is accepted into a strong school, they belong to the community. Instead of expelling or counseling out students, solutions for challenging behavior or academic performance are part of the every day work of the school team. Students’ race, disability, language, or socioeconomic status do not put limits on what they can accomplish.